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The Technical Support Category is the best place to get help solving non-administrative related issues. Please check out our detailed, vetted FAQs and search first, before you start a new post.

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Administrative questions about subscriptions, billing, workspace and team management, commercial licenses, account management, etc.

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Have a feature request or general feedback about Niantic Studio? Let us know!

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Opinions, experiments, general discussion. What harebrained idea, random quest, deep seated wish do you have for the present or future of webAR? Talk about it here. Discussion only - no support.

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Here you will find all of our past event recordings!

🇯🇵 日本語カテゴリ

こちらのカテゴリでは、アナウンスメント、8th Wallについて、機能リクエスト、バグレポート、ヘルプ、エベントなど、日本語でのディスカッションが行われます。