8thWall and Bubble.io?

Hi, I’m wondering if there’s a way to integrate 8thWall with a Bubble app I’m working on. I was pointed to 8thwall’s documentation for AFrame but wasn’t sure how that related to Bubble. Any thoughts? (Bear with me, I’m super new to all this.)

Hello @Pranada what are you trying to accomplish?

Bubble is a powerful platform for building web applications without writing code, while 8th Wall is a developer platform for building augmented reality (AR) experiences that run on the web. Integrating 8th Wall into a Bubble app involves embedding custom code into your Bubble application. I haven’t personally seen anyone do this but in theory it shoudl be possible via an iframe.

This example embeds a WebAR experience inside an existing website via iframe.

I’m unfamiliar with Bubble.io but this should point you in the right direction.

Thanks, Ian! I appreciate your response.

What I’d like to be able to do is give people a chance to see things like Sky Effects through their camera. Is that possible by iframe?

Yes, you can connect an 8th Wall sky effects experience via an iframe. So, in. theory this should be possible.