ThreeJS placing object in desktop version


I have a threejs Hologram project that currently only works on phones and was working on the web desktop version. I am now getting this reference error when trying to place down my hologram : ReferenceError: Touch is not defined.

I tried some of the sample projects in 8thwall and they also were not working for me such as this project:

Is there any solution to this in order to get my projects working again?

Thank You

Are you seeing

ReferenceError: Touch is not defined

In this default proejct?

What device are you testing with?

Bringing up this old topic because I forgot to share the solution.

I get the ReferenceError: Touch is not defined error when I am using Firefox. Though this error only started appearing around a month ago. Probably has to do with a Firefox update.

But all the projects work perfectly on Google Chrome.