Creating Tetavi Asset Bundles for local development

Following the Tetavi sample project, we’ve successfully created tetavi volumetric assets in the cloud editor. Now, we’re transitioning to local development and want to export those tetavi bundles.

  • Is there a way to export bundles from the cloud editor? --or–
  • Is there a way to create bundles outside the cloud editor?

Hello @Brian_Bird at this time there is no export functionality for the cloud editor.

To create packages or bundles. Commonly used tools might include command line utilities like tar , zip , or specialized software for handling specific asset types (e.g., 3D models might use Blender or Unity to package models and textures).

What bundling mechanism is used when selecting “New Asset Bundle” >> “Other…” in the cloud editor? Is that just creating a zip file? Or is specialized software bundling occurring behind the scenes?

Per the original question, I’m trying to create a tetavi bundle.

Reference Link (SEE SECTION: Add your own Tetavi Hologram):