Share project from client's workspace in my workspace's public profile

Hello, I have the following question:

Our company was invited by a client to their workspace. We developed a project within the workspace, and the client published it. Now this project can be found in the client’s public profile.
We want to create a portfolio with our projects in our own public profile of our workspace.
Is there a way for us to display this project from the client’s workspace in our public profile?
Or do we need to duplicate the project? Then there will simply be two identical projects from different users, which could raise questions.
Thank you for your attention!

Hi, this is an interesting feature request! At this time, you would need to duplicate the project into your own workspace in order to feature it on your public profile. I would get permission from the client first, and perhaps link out to the client’s featured project from your clone.


This seems like a feature request for collab. Where there is this situation where already happened when developing with another person and I wanted to be displayed as the co-author.

A system to credit users in the work, besides the owner of the project and display this project on your profile. Will be nice to have.

Similar to this described! What you think! ?

This happens to me and Libardo, where we collab but he got the credit and I’m left out bc there is no reference I did also the work.

I support this, it happens to me too

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