Starting out on 8th wall

Hi people Im new on this platform so excuse the questions, I am aiming to use this platform to create a public art project with video and objects coming off a mural. I have some previous c# coding experience and html but new to javascript, Aframe etc so still some adjusting. I have had a look at the projects and start to see various functionality that would be useful. What is a good approach to extract code functionality from the different projects so as to combine them into one script, ie target triggers video, that is paused, video is played, finishes and disappears, 3d objects appear on ground, followed by another video. Also will the functionality script be written into the app.js area? or the body area?
much thanks

I would recommend starting with A-Frame school and our Start to Publish course. The latter should help with understanding how to leverage existing sample projects.

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yes the start to publish course is what I needed, very good

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