Splash Screen Sample Project didn't ask permission to device motion sensors


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I’m using the Splash Screen sample project, but I’m wondering why it skip the step to ask my device’s motion sensors permission like this

Thank you!

The “AR requires access to device motion sensors” pop-up is something that our AR engine injects to deal with an iOS limitation. In order to get Safari to display the actual motion and orientation permission prompt, Apple requires that you first must capture a user gesture, such as a tap. This is an Apple/iOS requirement, not 8th Wall. In theory this user capture can be anything that gets the user to tap the screen we just have a custom UI to do this.

If our engine determines that a user gesture has not yet been collected when the engine starts, we will display this message to encourage the user to tap the screen so the real permission prompt can be obtained.

If you already capture a user gesture before starting the 8th Wall Engine, then it will not pop up.

As you have seen, this is an example project where a splash screen is displayed first, and then the AR engine is later started when the user clicks the “Start” button:

Here is the line of code that is starting the AR engine after the user taps:

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