360 Videos and Photos

Hello! I’ve got a question regarding 360 videos and photos. I can’t seem to find any info on the requirements 8thWall has on that.
As far as 360 videos what would be the format, encoding, mono or stereo? Would appreciate any info, thanks!

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The file format can depend on the length of the 360 video itself, quality of video and your desired loading time. For 8th Wall experience I would suggest a mono video type. Also usually is not a need for 4K video as if these experiences are played on mobile devices, you can get away with video optimization to lower quality. We would also suggest video optimization online such as https://handbrake.fr/

If you have a shorter video you can certainly upload a .mp4 file type and then apply that texture to an entity (which is just a large entity in A-frame).

Or you can stream the video as shown in our example project here:

This tutorial may also be helpful if you are adding a video via an A-frame project

Then, also keep in mind depending if you want the video to autoplay, Autoplay policies for videos with audio differ between browsers, such as Safari and Chrome. By default, Safari will only autoplay a video if it doesn’t have an audio track or if the video element includes the “muted” attribute. Playback will pause if the element gains an audio track or becomes unmuted without user interaction.

You can find more information about Safari’s autoplay policies in the official Apple documentation.

For Chrome, autoplay with sound is allowed if the user has interacted with the domain (e.g., through a click or tap). More details about Chrome’s autoplay policy changes can be found in the Google Developers documentation.